Estimate the price for your unit

How are prices calculated?

Searching for a price for a HOMEBOX unit? Our unit prices vary depending on different criteria: unit size, availability, geographic location of our HOMEBOX furniture storage unit center and the location of the unit within the center (first floor or upstairs).

Our prices are all-inclusive :

  • No additional costs either at the beginning or end of the contract. Access to the units is free and unlimited once the contract is signed
  • No application fees
  • Self-service trucks are available to transport your belongings

 For more information on our unit insurance options

Insurance is obligatory for stored furniture. You can choose to insure your unit with insurance offered by a HOMEBOX intermediary. This insures property stored in your unit against fire, explosion, water damage, and breaking and entering for a monthly price of 14€ incl. tax/month insured for 5000€ (superior warranties available).